Thursday, April 16, 2015

Farewell Winter and Kudos to An Amazing Young Lady!

5th graders finished these amazing winter tree paintings last week. The tree is painted with black and brown tones of acrylic paint and the sky is an overlay of watercolor paint. Students researched their own unique and inspiring images to get ideas for this painting. The results are a stunning combination of color, line, and contrast. Well done! 

These examples are from Mrs. Zipke' class. Most students painted in a traditional manner, but one student due to some physical challenges painted this whole project using her mouth to hold the paintbrush. This is a skill she has been working on this year thanks to our amazing OT, Fiona Quirk. Can you pick out the one painted differently?  Probably not! Her classmates and I are all so amazed by her perseverance and the beautiful outcome of her hard work!

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